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Welcome to the Nuclear Procurement Issues Corporation (NUPIC) Web Site

NUPIC is committed to the future of commercial nuclear power. With a proven process for evaluating suppliers to high standards of quality, NUPIC is the NRC Licensee's preferred and cost-effective method of maintaining their Approved Suppliers List. NUPIC Members include all domestic U.S. nuclear utilities, and several international members.

How to become Eligible for a NUPIC Audit

If you, as a supplier, have as few as 5 customers who are NRC Licensees or international nuclear plant operators, you are eligible for a NUPIC Audit. Sponsorship by 5 NUPIC Members automatically enrolls suppliers into the NUPIC standard 33-month audit schedule. For more information, contact NUPIC Chair, Roger Mills at, or any NUPIC Member indicated on the NUPIC Rep Listing.

NUPIC Charter/Mission Statement

The NUPIC Organization will strive to improve the supplier assurance processes through cooperative efforts while minimizing utility O & M costs and improving plant performance.

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