NUPIC Vendor Meeting Feedback

In order to better serve you, we need to hear from the meeting participants. Please take a few minutes to fill out this feedback form and click the Save Button. Please provide an explanation in the comments section for any "No" or "Somewhat" answers to the following questions.

Meeting Date:  6/19/2019 - 6/20/2019 Meeting Title:  2019 NUPIC Vendor Meeting

1. How did you hear about this meeting?
2. Were you able to find supporting information about the meeting (i.e., meeting registration, hotel, agenda, etc.) prior to the meeting?
3. Did the meeting achieve its stated purpose?
4. Has this meeting helped you with your understanding of the topic?
5. Were the meeting starting time, duration, and location reasonably convenient?
6. Was the meeting venue and room (s) satisfactory?
7. Were the hotel and evening social event facilities satisfactory?
8. Were you given sufficient opportunity to ask questions or express your views?
9. Did the response adequately address the question/comment?
10. Are you satisfied overall with the NUPIC staff who participated in the meeting?
Comments/Suggestions: (Topics for future meetings)  

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