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2021 NUPIC Vendor Conference Presentations - June 16, 2021
1 Subsequent License Renewal Surry and SLR Dominion June 2021.pdf
2A NUPIC VIC Update June 2021.pdf
2B NIAC Intro and Update - NJPIC 2021.pdf
2C NRC Update for NUPIC Vendor Meeting June 2021.pdf
3 Xe100 Tech Overview - NUPIC Vendor Meeting June 2021.pdf
5A EPRI Remote Assessment NUPIC Vendor Meeting June 2021 R2.pdf
5B SNCs Licensing Action Request Update NUPIC Vendor Meeting June 2021.pdf
6 RSV_Reuter-Stokes_NUPIC Vendor Conf Jun 2021.pdf
7 Supplier perspective All in one programs NUPIC Vendor Meeting June 2021.pdf
8 ILAC Accreditation Process Implementation NUPIC 2021 June .pdf
9 NUPIC VIC Presentation Future Meetings June 2021.pdf

2019 NUPIC Vendor Conference Presentations
2019 NUPIC Vendoor Meeting Agenda.pdf
Day 1 - New Reactor Technologies for the Future of Nuclear Powe- Jon Ball.pdf
Day 1- NUPIC Update - Mark Coren.pdf
Day 1 - NRC Update - Taylor Lamb and Greg Galletti.pdf
Day 1 - Counterfeit Fraudulent and Suspect Material Identification - Andy Shuttleworth.pdf
Day 1 - NIAC Update - Stan Griffin.pdf
Day 1 - Auditor Independence - David Soward and Greg Galletti.pdf
Day 1 - Reverse Engineering - Marc Tannenbaum.pdf
Day 1 - FLEX Equipment for NPP Beyond Design Basis Accidents - David Crawley.pdf
Day 2 - Travel Safety and Active Shooter- Vicky Holtz-Longshaw.pdf
Day 2 - EPRI Commercial Grade Dedication - Marc Tannenbaum.pdf
Day 2 - NEI 14-05A - All Things ILAC - How to Implement - Earl Mayhorn.pdf
Day 2 - NuScale Small Modular Reactor Project at TVA - Michelle Conner.pdf
Day 2 - Decommissionng - Current Trends and Business Opportunities - Corey DeWitt.pdf
Day 2 - Decommissioning Current Trends and Business Opportunities - Anthony Bejma.pdf
Day 2 - Acceptance of CG Digital Equipment - SIL Certified - Ron Jarett.pdf16-Day 2 - Acceptance of CG Digital Equipment - SIL Certified - Ron Jarett.pdf
Day 2 - NUPIC Audits - John Larson.pdf

2018 NUPIC Vendor Conference Presentations
2018-NUPIC 2018 Vendor Meeting Agenda
2018-NUPIC2018Keynote - Bob Coward
2018-NUPIC Chairman Presentation - Mark Coren
2018-A2LA Presentation - P2 - Changes in 17025-2017 - Rob Knake
2018-NRC -History of Vendor Inspection Program - Rich McIntyre - Greg Galletti
2018-Emirates Nucelar Energy Corp Construction Update Hussain Al Jaberi - Saeed Al Ali
2018-Canadian Plant Refurbishment - Rob Templeton
2018-Staying Agile in a Changing Market 180606 V Chermak
2018Commercial Grade Dedication Jeopardy - J. Simmons and M Tannenbaum
2018-Software QA NUPIC 2018 R Czuba and M Concepcion

2017 NUPIC Vendor Conference Pictures
Click on the link to see pictures 2017 NUPIC Vendor Conference Pictures

2017 NUPIC Vendor Conference Presentations
NUPIC 2017 - Vendor Conference Agenda
Day 1 6/21/2017 - Utility Executive Keynote Address- Oscar Limpias
Day 1 6/21/2017 - NUPIC Update - Brian Mervak
Day 1 6/21/2017- Delivering the Nuclear Promise- David Kimball Presentation June2017
Day 1 6/21/2017- Decommissioning- Avoiding It By Doing It More Efficiently -Rod McCullum
Day 1 6/21/2017 - Westinghouse Fuel Facility Improvements - Russell Bastyr
Day 1 6/21/2017 - Common Weaknesses in the Dedication Process - John Simmons
Day 1 6/21/2017 - Common Weaknesses in the DP - CDG Initiative - Rich MyIntyre
Day 1 6/21/2017- Common Weaknesses in the DP and Applying the Revised CDG Guidance- Marc Tannenbaum
Day 1 6/21/2017 - Cyber Security- Considerations for Suppliers- George Lipscomb and Talisa Chambers
Day 2 6/22/2017 - NRC Upate Rich McIntyre and Greg Galletti
Day 2 6/22/2017- Equipment Reliability - INPO - George Manaskie
Day 2 6/22/2017 - New Plant Update VC Summer- Brian Mervak
Day 2 6/22/2017 - Small Modular Reactors - Jeff Perry
Day 2 6/22/2017 - NIAC Update - Stan Griffin
Day 2 6/22/2017- Curse of Counterfeit - Beri- Tannenbaum- Moerman - Grace
Day 2 6/22/2017- Delivering the Nuclear Promise -Finding vs Deficiency - Mark Mlachak
Day 2 6/22/2017 - Delivering the Nuclear Promise-Minimize Vendor Audit Frequencies- John Simmons

2016 NUPIC Vendor Conference Presentations
NUPIC-2016-NUPIC Vendor Meeting Agenda-final.pdf
NUPIC 2016 Meeting Kickoff - T Herrmann.pdf
NUPIC 2016 Chairman Presentation- Did You Know- Brian Mervak.pdf
NUPIC 2016 Vendor Meeting NRC Update - George Lipscomb.pdf
NUPIC 2016 Nuclear Supply Chain Strategic Leadership Presentation - Jim Kitchens.pdf
NUPIC 2016 Vogtle 3-4 Presentation- Josh Olson.pdf
NUPIC 2016 X-energy Pebble Bed Presentation - Dr Martin van Staden.pdf
NUPIC 2016 Nuclear Safety Culture - Kenneth Koves.pdf
NUPIC 2016 -Vendor Performance Monitoring - Internal audits John Louwers.pdf
NUPIC 2016 Improved Supply Chain Management - Sean Toohey and Chris McConnell.pdf

2015 NUPIC Vendor Conference Presentations
01NUPIC-2015-NUPIC Vendor Meeting Agenda-final-6-17-15.pdf
02Annual Message to Suppliers and Stakeholders- Pat Nugent.pdf
03INPO - Improving Parts Quality - Availability-Supplier Performance.pdf
05NRC Presentation- Part 21 Rulemaking Update- CGD- McIntyre.pdf
06NRC Vendor Inspection Update- G Galletti.pdf
08NEI - ILAC NEI 14-05A and Implementation.pdf
09NUPIC Perspective - Stan Mitchell.pdf
10ASME- Reorganization of All ASME Section III General Requirements - Jay ....pdf
11Brian Mervak - Summer Unit 2 and 3 Construction.pdf
12NIAC Rusty DeKleine.pdf
13Cyber Security General Session - Barbara Weber.pdf
14Cyber Security -Breakout Session - Susan Ritter and Matt Gibson.pdf
15NUPIC Vendor Performance Monitoring - J Louwers.pdf

2014 NUPIC Vendor Conference Presentation
2014 NUPIC Vendor Conference Keynote Address.ppt
CFSI Pressure Gauges 06072014 Dave Essensa.pptx
Missed Opportunity Reviews Jeff Wright.pptx
NEI Focus on Part 21.pptx
NIAC Overview Rusty DeKleine.pptx
NRC Presentation Greg Galletti.pptx
NUPIC Perspectives Chairman.pptx
NuScale Presentation Scott Bailey.pptx

NUPIC Chairman's Message
NUPIC Chairman's Message Jan 2012
NUPIC Chairman's Message Fall 2011
NUPIC Chairman's Message February 2011
NUPIC Chairman's Message June 2010
NUPIC Chairman's Message December 2008

NUPIC Newsletters
NUPIC Newsletter December 2021
NUPIC Newsletter May 2021
NUPIC Newsletter January 2021
NUPIC Newsletter May 2020
NUPIC Newsletter December 2019
NUPIC Newsletter May 2019
NUPIC Newsletter December 2018
NUPIC Newsletter May 2018
NUPIC Newsletter December 2017
NUPIC Newsletter May 2017
NUPIC Newsletter December 2016
NUPIC Newsletter May 2016
NUPIC Newsletter December 2015
NUPIC Newsletter May 2015
NUPIC Newsletter December 2014
NUPIC Newsletter May 2014
NUPIC Newsletter December 2013
NUPIC Newsletter May 2013
NUPIC Newsletter December 2012
NUPIC Newsletter May 2012
NUPIC Newsletter December 2011
NUPIC Newsletter May 2011
NUPIC Newsletter December 2010

NRC Observation of NUPIC Audits
NRC Observation Reports can be viewed at NRC - NUPIC and Industry Interactions

NRC Vendor Inspection Reports
NRC Vendor Inspection Reports can be viewed at NRC - Vendor Inspection Reports

ILAC Process
ILAC 2020 Communication - Extension of ISO-OEC 17025-2017 Transition Period.pdf
NRC's Provisional Recognition of ISO 17025-2017.pdf
NRC's Provisional Recognition of ISO 17025-2017 - Updated 11-30-2020.pdf
NMI - CIPM-BIPM - signatories.pdf
ILAC - MRA-Signatories - Updated- June 2021.pdf
NRC Position on NMI -ML15111A477.pdf

Cyber Security
Cyber Requirements for Vendors draft.doc
Cyber Security for CDA Items or Projects per NEI 08 09 draft.docx
NUPIC Cyber Security Feb 2016 Summary Rev 0.ppt
PBSA for Reg Guide 1_152.doc
Vendor Expectations from a Cyber Security Perspective.docx

Vendor Audit Relief Subcommittee (VARS) – Corrective Action Program Option- Last Resort
VARS Workshop Powerpoint.pdf
VARS - Provisional Procurment Authorization POND.pdf
VARS Provisional Procurement Authorization Form ABC Emergency Diesel.pdf
NRC Public Meeting Summary on VARS CAP Approach - ML20324A216.pdf

NUPIC Miscellaneous
Auditor Independence.pdf
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